1-2 Actober 2023
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2 exclusive events organized by Gamma+ to learn the secrets and the techniques straight from the visionary hairstylist that revolutionized the industry in recent years:
Josh Lamonaca

Josh Lamonaca

October 1st 2023

Discover the secrets to become a hairstar with Josh Lamonaca

We're happy to invite you to an exceptional event we organized with the great international trainer Josh Lamonaca.
It's not the usual workshop, but a real course along the paths of knowledge and culture of its profession.

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During this day of inspiration and training, you'll have the chance to interact with one of the most influential hairtylists in the international landscape: Josh Lamonaca.
Through a voyage in barber history and practical demonstrations, Josh will guide you along the secrets of male haircuts, revealing innovative techniques and business advice that made his work a reference point in the hairstyle sector.

The seats for this extraordinary Masterclass are limited, therefore we recommend you to reserve your ticket as soon as possible for this unique opportunity.

The event starts at 10.00 and will end at 17.00.
At 13.00 we'll be happy to provide each participant a lunch time break.

At the end of the event Josh will be available to chat and take pictures.

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<mark>October 1st 2023</mark> <br>event

October 2nd 2023

Face to face with Josh Lamonaca in Gamma+

It's an EXCLUSIVE ONE-ON-ONE advanced training course reserved to a few people, where it will be possible to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the great Josh Lamonaca and learn directly from him the techniques and style of his work.

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A unique experience that will allow 12 participants to measure up against one of the greatest international hairstyle trainers.
The day is comprised of theoretical and practical training sessions about male haircuts, together with brainstorming sessions to help the professionals to leave their comfort zone to reach the next level of their craft.
One of the objectives of the course is to acquire a deeper understanding of one's own technical and observational abilities, providing the necessary trust to launch a succesful career.

The event will take place at Academy Gamma+ located in Cazzago San Martino (BS) from 10.00 through 17.00.
At the end of the course, Josh Lamonaca will sign a participation certificate, issued to every participant.


<mark>October 2nd 2023</mark> <br> event

Biography of Josh

Josh has become a world-renowed trainer with his rivolutionary method of teaching the care of the male hair. He shared the philosphy of his academy MENSPIRE participating in the most prestigious events in the world. He's a born mentor and has an unconditional passion for sharing knowledge.

His social audience overgrew thanks to his fearless creativity and iconic style. His haircuts are imitated all around the world. It's a great honor for us to share the stage with him at Cosmoprof!

The collaboration between Gamma+ and Josh is a metaphor of two apparently counterposed souls that, by joining, give life to a common dream: bringing the barber training to an even higher level, teaching using professional tools.

Interested? Contact us for any information about the events!